1 FPH – Opening of the expanded Flood Proof Holland Test Facility

3 July 2014 21:00
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Alternatives for sandbags, used in (urban) flood protection are tested in the testing facility of Flood Proof Holland near Delft in the Netherlands. This video gives an impression of the opening of the newly expanded testing facility on July 3rd 2014. More information on http://www.vpdelta.nl – http://www.floodproofholland.nl.

Alternatieven voor zandzakken worden getest op de proefpolder van Flood Proof Holland (http://www.vpdelta.nl). Deze video gaat over de opening van de vernieuwde proefpolder op 3 juli 2014. Meer informatie op http://www.vpdelta.nl en http://www.floodproofholland.nl